PJ Harvey may have been quiet since the release of her 2011 album, 'Let England Shake,' but it seems like she's ready to step back into the spotlight. The U.K. artist has finally announced not only the making of her ninth album but also the opportunity for fans to be a part of the recording process.

Instead of hiding away in a studio for a couple of months, Harvey will show us what the recording process is like by turning it into an art exhibition at the Somerset House in London.

Entitled 'Recording In Progress,' the month-long exhibition, which will run from Jan. 16-Feb. 14, will allow people to watch the making of Harvey's new album through one-way glass. According to the Somerset House's website, Harvey, her band, sound engineers and producers Flood and John Parish will be working "inside an architectural installation designed by Somerset House-based Something & Son."

“I want 'Recording In Progress' to operate as if we’re an exhibition in a gallery," said in a statement. "I hope visitors will be able to experience the flow and energy of the recording process."

Tickets, which just went on sale, are already (and not surprisingly) sold out. However, if you're in the area, maybe stopping by the House might get you an earful of what Harvey has up her sleeve for the next LP.