A young boy -- or rather an adult dressed up like one -- gets a visit from two sparkly and sinister Ghosts of Christmas Fabulous in Potpourri of Pearls' new 'Hang Me' video. The tune appears on the Philly synth-pop duo's upcoming 'We Went to Heaven' album, and while it's not a holiday song, per se, the opening line is sure to resonate with plenty of 20- and 30-somethings returning home this week.

"Now that you have met my family / now that it is getting deep / you're running away," the duo of Adam Chad Brody and Sam Allingham sing. Most of us don't come from households where mom and dad rock blue face paint and crazy wreath headpieces, but hey, we all have our quirks. Here's hoping your Christmas doesn't involve troll dolls or being chased around by stylish New Wave demons with soulful voices.