The recent passage of anti-gay legislation in Russia has sparked an uproar throughout the world, especially with the 2014 Sochi Olympics starting in a few days. In response to the law, various artists have shared their views by releasing songs and videos supporting the LGBT community. Potpourri of Pearls are the latest band to weigh in on the matter.

Filled with lots of lights, skin and ridiculous fun, the Philadelphia trio's tongue-in-cheek 'Sochi' video channels the '80s rave scene while poking fun at Russia's laws. The video has hardly any story to speak of, but it features throwback workout and athletic footage, as well as a cameo by queer icon Justin Vivian Bond.

"Sochi me / Sochi you / Everybody go Sochi," they sing on the hook.

If you don't think the video makes an impression, just listen to the lyrics, which are sure sure to make any Russian politician who voted for the law a little hot under the collar. "Hold me like a homo / Feet up in the air now / Make it like a porno," one verse goes.

Whatever your views are on Russia's law, the 'Sochi' video offers a uniquely humorous view on a controversial issue.