Nearly a year after first hearing word that Queens of the Stone Age were about to start work on a new album comes news that we won't have to wait much longer. According to one source, the first single is going to be released in two weeks, and says that fans will be "in for a surprise."

In a series of tweets, Chris Payne, a disc jockey at 104.1 KRZQ of Reno, Nev., said that he met with a representative from the band's label on Saturday and gave him a copy. "The song has a super sexy groove," he wrote. Pressed to clarify, he added, "I'd say the tempo of the song is at 120bpm. More of a mid-up tempo sexy jam" and "Think of this as the song that invites everyone to the party so they can get their groove on."

In other tweets, he said that radio will be getting the song in two weeks and that the opening act on their tour is "awesome."

This news fits in with what Josh Homme promised back in April, when he said that the single would be out before they begin their tour of Australia in July. In that same interview, he gave pretty much the only information that we've learned about the follow-up to 2013's ...Like Clockwork to date -- that, unlike previous efforts from them, it will contain no guest stars.

Last month, he teased it a little more, saying that it "feels uptempo" and that they were taking risks with the new work. “At the end of the day, this is just a musical way to explain a lifetime,” Homme said. “So the most important record I’m making is the one I’m working on. For the lack of a better term, I bet my life on it. If you don’t risk anything, you’re not gonna get anything. I don’t want to copy myself, I just want to take another chance at it. It keeps it always exciting that way.”

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