Juggling the pros and cons of different digital services and keeping track of catalog availability for your favorite artists can be a drag, but being a music fan in the streaming era means being able to hear pretty much everything without buying it, as long as you're patient enough — and the bonus disc to Radiohead's In Rainbows is just the latest example.

The eight-track disc, initially included exclusively as part of the limited "discbox" edition released in 2007, has been available for download before, but it's only now making its way to streaming services. For fans who paid for the privilege of owning them first, the idea of these songs making their way to the masses might be a little annoying, but the statute of limitations for exclusivity expired awhile ago — and now everyone gets a little extra Radiohead to add to their Spotify or Apple Music playlists.

The In Rainbows bonus material's streaming arrival comes at a moment of general catalog reappraisal for the band. As previously reported, the band recently released a special vinyl edition of their A Moon Shaped Pool LP, which packs in a special bonus track as well as an assortment of extras that includes a short snippet from the band's actual session recordings.

Pitchfork reports that one fan actually took his tape to a sound engineer, who digitally transferred the recording to play back the audio — three-fourths of a second in all. Watch the video — and see if you can figure out which song it's pulled from — here.

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