Radiohead's current tour in support of their recent A Moon Shaped Pool LP has found the band delving into some deep cuts — and July 26 at Madison Square Garden, it was time for "Let Down" to have its moment in the spotlight.

The performance, which you can watch via the fan-shot footage embedded above, marked the first time in a decade that the band had performed the song. Originally recorded for Radiohead's 1997 album OK Computer, "Let Go" was a setlist mainstay during their tour behind that LP, but has appeared in concert only sporadically over the ensuing years — and before exhuming the tune at Madison Square Garden, they hadn't played it at all since 2006.

As Pitchfork notes, the Pool tour has offered fans an opportunity to hear a number of old favorites in a live setting for the first time in awhile — or ever. "True Love Waits" and "No Surprises" have found their way back into the setlist after extended absences, as well as their breakthrough single "Creep," which hadn't been performed since 2009.

According to frontman Thom Yorke, the "Creep" revival came about as an unintended side effect of a lighthearted moment. Egged on by a fan who'd been shouting for it during an Amsterdam stop on the tour, he played a little of it, and was admittedly taken aback by the crowd's reaction.

"I kind of wound him up by starting to play it,” Yorke recalled, “which was a bad idea as it was like lighting a fire." Unprepared to play the full number that night, the group ended up bringing it back out during later dates; as Yorke put it, "We just said, ‘Let’s see what the reaction is, just to see how it feels.’"

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