Punk rock veterans Rancid have announced they will release their new album Trouble Maker on June 9. You can listen to their first single, “Ghost of a Chance,” above.

The Hellcat/Epitaph Records release is the Berkley, Calif. band’s ninth studio album, and third featuring their current lineup. Frequent producer, Epitaph founder and Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz, again helmed the recording.

The 17-track album will be available in CD, digital and vinyl formats. A deluxe digital version will include two bonus tracks, “We Arrived Right on Time” and “ Go on Rise Up,” and a deluxe vinyl version will include a bonus 7-inch with the two tracks.

They last released ...Honor Is All We Know in 2014, which was originally slated for 2012 and repeatedly delayed as the band continued touring.

Rancid will be touring this summer, separately, with Green Day and the Dropkick Murphys, as well as playing several European festivals

You can pre-order Trouble Maker on Rancid’s website.

Track Listing for Rancid’s Trouble Maker:

  1. “Track Fast”
  2. “Ghost of a Chance”
  3. “Telegraph Avenue”
  4. “An Intimate Close Up Of A Street Punk Trouble Maker”
  5. “Where I'm Going”
  6. “Buddy”
  7. “Farewell Lola Blue”
  8. “All American Neighborhood”
  9. “Bovver Rock and Roll”
  10. “Make it Out Alive”
  11. “Molly Make Up Your Mind”
  12. “I Got Them Blues Again”
  13. “Beauty of the Pool Hall”
  14. “Say Goodbye to Our Heroes”
  15. “I Kept a Promise”
  16. “Cold Cold Blood”
  17. “This is Not the End”
  18. “We Arrived On Time” (bonus)
  19. “Go On Rise Up” (bonus)

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