When Ronald Reagan took up residence in the White House, he ushered in a host of changes. Some people heralded the arrival of the Reagan era, while others found much fault with it. We here at Diffuser try not to get involved with political issues, as we prefer to stay chill, listening to music and watching movies instead. But we did uncover this long-lost video that could change the face of the Reagan legacy forever.

In this shocking footage, which never made it to the American voters at the time, President Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan both admit to being hooked on drugs. President Reagan also names other high-up White House officials who have one or more drug addictions. Reagan even reveals plans to increase the drug trafficking industry across the nation.

Does this mean that the Reagan administration filled the White House with bong-fueled parties during the '80s? How much taxpayer money did he and Nancy spend on China White and black tar heroin? We may never know the truth.

We are, of course, joking. This video is another short from that forgotten gem of '80s late-night cable TV known as 'Night Flight.' Some crafty devils re-edited footage of the president and first lady to make it sounds like they said, well, we're assuming that if you're still reading this article, then you've already watched the video. If you haven't, stop reading and go check it out. It's pretty funny.

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