Robin Pecknold

When Sean Pecknold and Matt Daniel began work on their new film, 'The Internet – A Blog Cats WTF Universe,' they didn't have to look far to find someone to compose the score. All they had to do was ask Pecknold's brother, Robin, who is the lead singer and songwriter of Fleet Foxes.

Given Fleet Foxes' music, perhaps it's not surprising that the movie has an existentialist bent to it. The film centers around "Matt," who has become famous writing captions for LOLCats. Wanting something more, he chucks it all and moves to Berlin, where he decided to create a website devoted to answering age-old philosophical questions.

As of now, the creative team have a rough cut of the film, but would like to raise more to help bring their vision to the screen. They have created a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of raising $15,000 for the project by June 3. The money raised will be used to hire a 3D animator, secure the rights to a song that the main character is obsessed with and pay Robin Pecknold for his score.

Backers will receive anything from a downloadable copy of the film to a role in their next movie.


Watch the Trailer for 'The Internet – A Blog Cats WTF Universe'

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