We will almost definitely see a new album from Fleet Foxes in 2017. The band confirmed the news, and they are set to play at least one festival next summer.

Last night, as NME reports, they posted a photo of the 1962 eruption of Japan's Mount Tokachi on their Facebook page. In the comments, one fan asked, "New album? New album? New album?"

The band replied with, "Alllllmost done."

NME adds that Fleet Foxes will be playing the Bilbao BBK festival in Bilbao, Spain, next July. Another fan posted that Spanish radio leaked the news on frontman Robin Pecknold's Instagram account, and Pecknold confirmed it, adding that he's looking forward to visiting Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum.

Fleet Foxes took a few years off following the release of their second effort, 2011's Helplessness Blues. Part of that was due to Pecknold's desire to return to college and get his degree. But back in April, guitarist Christian Wargo said that he and Pecknold were talking about getting back together again.

Since getting his degree, Pecknold has been making up for lost time by working on a solo album when not in the studio with the Fleet Foxes. Last month he posted a very brief snippet of it on Instagram, with his abstract wording vaguely suggesting that the songs he was writing didn't fit his band's sound. He also wrote the music for Wyoming, an off-Broadway show about a family whose Thanksgiving is upended when an estranged member unexpectedly returns.

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