Folk pioneers Fleet Foxes have had their hands in the TV and movie biz lately, appearing in the film 'Lawless,' Arcade Fire's short horror flick 'Festi' and contributing to the soundtrack for HBO's 'Girls'. But we've known that frontman Robin Pecknold has been into this sorta thing for quite some time now, after helping launch a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 to attempt to gain funding for his brother's LOLcats documentary 'The Internet: A Blog Cat's WTF Universe.'

Although that project surpassed its funding goal of $15,000, Robin's brother Sean had released a statement back in June of 2013 stating that they've had some "editorial setbacks" and the project "may never see the light of day." They're currently offering money back to their contributors -- see 'Update #5.'

Now Pecknold is reportedly scoring the upcoming Off-Broadway play titled 'Wyoming,' due to hit New York's Theatre for the New City on Jan. 15. The play, which was written by Brian Watkins and presented by production company Lesser America, is being coined as “a biting, brilliant family drama about buried memories of a confounding childhood crime.”

As it has been four years since Fleet Foxes' last album, 'Helplessness Blues' -- and Pecknold has yet to announce any plans to formally release the score -- your only chance to hear it may be by attending the show. The play's brief residency will run through Jan. 31 -- tickets are on sale now.

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