We're no prudes. And we certainly would never begrudge anyone his or her special, sometimes secret, urges. Some people enjoy dressing up like furry animals. Some people like wearing diapers and bawling like a baby. And apparently some people like wearing creepy-as-f--- rubber masks and dressing up like women. Hey, as long as you accept us for who we are, we will gladly accept you too.

But that doesn't mean that when we come across a video of someone modeling the aforementioned rubber mask, we're able to keep our mouths closed. This video, an advertisement for "lifelike" female rubber masks, has found its way into our dreams -- and we're not happy about it. These dreams usually involve the inability to scream followed by waking up suddenly covered in flop sweat.

These masks may be lifelike, but only in the way an invading extra-terrestrial species trying to pass for human might be lifelike. But maybe we just don't understand this particular fetish. Far be it from us to judge individuals who feel sexiest when their faces are smothered in high-grade rubber that looks like an expressionless horror conjured into our world through some nefarious means.

Or maybe this targets the fans of hit 1987 movie 'Mannequin,' where a young Andrew McCarthy falls for a store dress dummy that comes to life, played to perfection by Kim Cattrall. That we can relate to. Who wouldn't want to play out a fantasy where McCarthy, still in his prime, sweeps us off our feet and takes us away on his motorcycle. OK, we get it now.