Ryan Adams said the time might be right to finally give an official release to an album he made around 2007 when he was "really on the edge."

Written and recorded when Adams was in the midst of battling alcoholism and drug addiction, 'Blackhole' has since been widely bootlegged and become something of a cult classic to fans. The singer-songwriter hinted last month that the record might be released soon and has recently been performing one of the songs from the album, 'The Door,' on his current tour of the U.K.

“I think I’m going to release ‘Blackhole’ next year, maybe on Record Store Day,” Adams told NME. “It’s mastered and the artwork is done, so it’s there. It’s just a matter of whether it’s the right time.”

He also said, however, the album exists in two different incarnations. “There’s two versions of that record," he said. "There’s one where the vocals and the performances are really f---ed-up. Then there’s a second version, which was the last thing I did when I was still messed up. Bits and pieces of that had to be stitched together to make the final product like a patchwork quilt, because some of its vocal takes are too f---ed-up to release. But it’s really cool and the end result made me very happy.”

One possible option: Adams could release both versions. “One way to do it would be to release it in its finished format, then open it up in a way that you could access the raw tracks," said Adams. "But I don’t want those raw tracks to become a spectacle, where it’s about the warbling where I sound out of my mind. On those tracks, you’re hearing someone who’s really on the edge."

But Adams seems intent on releasing 'Blackhole one way or another. "There’s some seriously cool s--- on that record and I can’t wait for it to come out," he said. "There’s six other songs (aside from 'The Door') I’m dying to play.”

In the meantime, he said he's already made a lot of progress on the follow-up to his self-titled album which was just released Sept. 9. Read our review here.

“I have a lot of songs for the next record already," he said. "I think it’ll be out next [fall] and I’m thinking of calling it ‘Ryan Adams Also.' It’ll probably feel a little like this current record, but more so.”

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