Ever since the release of his self-titled full-length last year, Ryan Adams -- true to form -- has been hard at work releasing one 7” after another in an ongoing series for his Pax-Am label. Adams has now announced yet another release, but this time it includes his own 7” along with three more from Phoebe Bridgers, Mike Viola and Daniel Clarke.

Adams’ new 7” will feature the single, “I Do Not Feel Like Being Good,” on the A-side with "How Much Light" and "In the Dark" on the B-side. Check out the album art below:


“I had been dragging a few of these behind me in that bag of songs I keep tied around my ribs since London – ’09-ish,” Adams writes of the upcoming record. “I was shipwrecked in a hotel there with a bad case of the spins, just me and my Buck Owens acoustic guitar (his name is Buck, the guitar is), and we just sort of were riding out the turbulence.”

In addition to his own release, Adams produced a 7" from singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers, whom the former Whiskeytown frontman calls a “musical unicorn” who “could make a jar of sand sound like Blood on the Tracks" in a press release. The single will include “Killer” b/w “Georgia” and “Steamroller.”

Mike Viola, who has produced for the likes of Jenny Lewis and Fall Out boy and helmed the Candy Butchers, will release “Stairway to Paradise” and “Roxxy Girl,” which will be b/w “Doctor Feel Blue” and “Clink Glasses, Salud.” Rounding out the set is Daniel Clarke’s 7” -- which Adams describes as an “R&B world inside a television playing a dream inside your feverish mind” -- featuring “Diamonds” with “Guided (By What We Leave)” and “Rollin’ Out” on the B-side. (Viola and Clarke also serve as guitarist and keyboardist, respectively, for Adams' band the Shining.)

All four releases are available for pre-order now on Pax-Am and will hit shelves on April 28. On that same day, Bridgers, Viola and Clarke will play Grimey’s in Nashville at 4PM. Get details here.

And if you have any questions about Adams' intentions with his continued Pax-Am efforts, let this new advertisement serve as the ultimate answer: