After previewing his rendition of “Welcome to New York,” Ryan Adams has meticulously documented his second day working on his album of Taylor Swift covers.

Adams will cover Swift’s chart-topping 1989 from front to back, and on day two of recording, he's already shared more excerpts from his takes on “All You Had to Do Was Stay” and “Out of the Woods.” Listen below:

Likewise, Adams described his “spooky” cover of Swift’s mega-hit, “Shake It Off,” as something you might hear on an episode of True Detective and noted that he arranged it in a way that's reminiscent to Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire.” As for “Out of the Woods,” Adams says his interpretation is more Smiths-inspired and called it “maybe the best sad song I ever did” -- which is certainly high praise coming from the guy who wrote Jacksonville City Nights.

Adams even revealed what could be the coolest album art and/or T-shirt ever: A reappropriation of Sonic Youth’s famous Goo cover with Swift, a cat and lyrics from “Shake It Off”:

After learning of Adams covers project, Swift expressed her inability to keep her cool, tweeting, "I WILL PASS OUT."