For Record Store Day (April 18), Ryan Adams dropped a 7” featuring an alternate take on his Heartbreaker favorite, “Come Pick Me Up,” backed with a previously unreleased track, “When the Rope Gets Tight.” If you weren’t able to grab the record on Saturday, you can now stream both songs above (via Rdio).

“Come Pick Me Up” serves as an almost stringently faithful rendition of the 2000 track, but in the eleventh hour, the singer’s voice breaks into a yelp at which point he trades in his twangy croon for guttural, punkish snarls and frenetic harmonica. As you might imagine, you can hear Adams and company chuckling as the song closes out.

“When the Rope Gets Tight” -- an early version of “Don’t Fail me Now,” which appeared on Jacksonville City Nights, Adams’ 2005 full-length with the Cardinals -- acts as the B-side. The newly unveiled Record Store Day version strips back all the piano and grandeur of the original for a bare-bones, haunting rendition.

In true Adams fashion, his Record Store Day 7” isn’t the only release the singer has up his sleeve. Adams recently announced he will release the “I Do Not Feel Like Being Good” 7” as part of his ongoing Pax-Am series. It will arrive on April 28 alongside singles from Phoebe Bridgers, Mike Viola and Daniel Clarke.