In August 2014, Ryan Adams released the 10-track 7-inch EP, '1984,' as one of the early introductions to his ongoing -- and hopefully neverending -- Pax Am Single Series. Packed to the brim with punk rock reminiscent of what came out in '84, Adams took a sidestep from his alt-country-meets-classic-rock sound and gave fans a flawless punk-infused disc.

Now just a few months since '1984' hit record stores across the country, it looks like Adams might be working on its follow-up, titled '1985.' After joining Instagram on Dec. 30, 2014 (under the moniker Spidermansballz), he started sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes shots of his Pax Am studio in California. Then, on Jan. 7, he shared a short clip with the simple caption, "1985 jam."

After listening to the video, it's an obvious nod to the classic punk rock that came out of the mid-'80s, similar to that of Husker Du, the Replacements and other Minnesota acts. Whether or not he'll release it as an actual follow-up to '1984,' there's no denying the clear connection this music has to last year's EP.

A day later, he shared another video with the same caption:

The most recent release in Adams' 7-inch series is 'No Shadow,' featuring Johnny Depp and a couple of songs that were recorded in one take on a "2-inch 24-track tape machine." Stay tuned for more details on '1985,' what we hope will be a new Pax Am single for 2015.

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