The latest Samsung Galaxy camera commercial pairs scenes of amateur photographers snapping away with the pleasant folky vibe of a brand-new song from the band Klak Tik.

The group's 'Reborn' appears in the 98-second ad with footage of a couple waking up after a night of camping in a picturesque setting. They swim, ride bikes and, of course, capture pics of the experience with their Galaxy cameras. Meanwhile, a hipster takes photos of urban art and a young woman uses her camera to document the sights in a bustling Asian city.

'Reborn' provides all the audio for the ad until the very end, when a narrator makes a quick sales pitch for the camera. The track was just released as the first single from the forthcoming album of the same name, which is set for a March 2013 release, according to Klak Tik's blog.

The group's members hail from England, Denmark and New Zealand, and their genre is similarly difficult to categorize. 'Reborn' lives in the same musical galaxy as Band of Horses and the Lumineers, though the trio's bio slaps their sound with the decidedly more ambitious label "genre-dodging alternative/orchestral/experimental folk."

Hear Klak Tik's 'Reborn' in the Samsung Galaxy Camera Commercial