While some may think this year's World Series is "the worst ever" (really, ESPN?), we are excited to see what happens when the San Francisco Giants step into Kauffman Stadium to take on the Kansas City Royals tomorrow (Oct. 21). It's always fun to root for the underdogs, and that's exactly what the Royals are with just one World Series under their belt (as opposed to the Giants' seven) -- but that doesn't mean everyone is rooting for them.

As the Kansas City Star reported over the weekend, two San Francisco radio stations, KFOG-FM and KOIT-FM, have pulled Lorde's smash-hit 'Royals' from their playlist until the games are over. Apparently, it's more than just a marketing stunt as fans requested for the song to be banned. KOIT says, "We've had several emails and social media comments stating that we should remove 'Royals' by Lorde until the San Francisco Giants win the World Series ... Our listeners told us to do it, so we did it!"

Kansas City's response? Well, for one radio station, the World Series just means more Lorde. "#ROYALS on the hour, every hour, from 7am-7pm on Tuesday," KZPT shared on Facebook yesterday.

If you're wondering why everyone is fussing over this particular song, it's because it has a much bigger connection to the Kansas City baseball team than the name. The Star explains, "As everyone in Kansas City, and apparently San Francisco, knows, Lorde was inspired to write the song after seeing a photo of George Brett in the July 1976 issue of National Geographic."

A few months ago, Brett (who is a god in Kansas City and member of the '85 World Series team) reached out to Lorde in the coolest possible way:

So, whose side are you on? Are you cheering for the anti-Lorde radio stations and the San Francisco Giants, or are you rooting for "all Lorde, all the time" and the Kansas City Royals? Let us know in the comments below!

In the meantime, enjoy 'Royals' below (hopefully we don't get banned in San Francisco!):