Many of us have become desensitized to dramatized acts of violence. It's everywhere nowadays. But this was not always the case. Just a few decades ago, film and television stuck mostly to safe, less graphic instances of fighting, injury and death. But one lone pioneer, one courageous man had the guts to take a dummy head, paint the bottom of the neck red and throw it in the air. That man was Herschell Gordon Lewis, the Godfather of Gore.

He did more than just produce gore, mind you. He also, as we can tell from today's video, ventured into exploitation and biker gang movies. 'She-Devils on Wheels' is both of those things and more. But more than anything, it's a tale of love and freedom. And weird, clothed orgies.

The film focuses on the Maneaters, a group of rough and rowdy ladies who'd sooner slice you up than slice up a nice rib roast for dinner. And we all know where this leads -- to rebellion, anarchy and terrible violence. These ladies have filthy mouths, so better not let the children see this one, lest they hear foul language such as, "Go fumigate yourself, crap-head!"

The unrelenting cheesiness of this film does make some of the depicted violence a little genuinely disturbing. We found ourselves laughing and gagging at the same time while watching this. But we'd expect nothing less from Lewis. And to the man himself: Mr. Lewis, we commend you. For what, we're not sure. But that trailer was a minute and a half of pure entertainment.