You may no longer have to watch those outdated educational films to learn about how to stop someone from choking. That's because Sigur Rós have stepped up with an informative new video for their single 'Ég Anda.'

The video starts innocently enough with two men dressed in their tuxedos, sitting down for a steak dinner. But as the strains of the band's dreamy music continues to play in the background, a man with a placard that reads "choking hazard" appears, and sure enough, one of the two diners has a little trouble digesting his dinner.

The man with the placards continues to appear throughout the clip, introducing each choking situation and teaching both the choker and person preparing to rescue the choker the proper techniques. In fact, the clip also shows how to deal with a pregnant woman choking, as a well as a young infant.

'Ég Anda' appears on Sigur Rós' new album, 'Valtari.' The disc arrived on May 29.

Watch the Sigur Rós 'Ég Anda' Video