Sigur Ros recently did an interview with Q Magazine, where they discussed the band's upcoming album 'Valtari,' set for release on May 28. 'Valtari' is 'Steamroller' in Icelandic, if you were curious -- which may or may not have something to do with the first track made available from the album, 'Ekki Mukk.'

The band insists, though, that this isn't the kind of music that will flatten the listener, but rather music that "kind of just rolls over you. In a good way," says bassist Georg Holm. He also declares that 'Valtari' is unlike anything the band has ever done. "I'd compare [this album] to looking at a landscape painting," Holm observes. Singer Jonsi Birgisson, meanwhile, offers his own take, by adding that the album "sounds like an avalanche in slow motion." (Of course it does.) Fans can also expect more electronic flourishes, a girl's choir, and strings, which will make for one unique steamroller.

English-speaking fans of the band should note that there isn't a word of English on 'Valtari,' either. "My accent is too bad," Birgisson admits. The most interesting revelation in the article, though, is Birgisson's recent foray into publishing, in the form of a downloadable vegetarian cookbook. Holm, for one, is an ardent fan. "His chocolate balls, they are so tasty," he gushes.

Listen to the Sigur Ros Track 'Ekki Mukk'