We rarely come across useful public service announcements in our YouTube excavations, but that's exactly what happened when we found Chicago TV host Son of Svengoolie. He and his cast put together a little musical number warning citizens about the dangers of parking where they shouldn't.

'Puttin' on the Boot' is a classy number set to the tune of Irving Berlin's 'Puttin' on the Ritz.' While the songs sound very similar, they are probably intended for two very different audiences. Svengoolie star Rich Koz's cover of Berlin's oft-covered hit does hold a certain unique charm, though.

'Son of Svengoolie'  has been on the air in the Chicago area since 1979. It actually started in 1970, when it ran for three years before going off the air. It was later resuscitated by Koz, and now the show, still on the air, hosts late-night horror movies. Now it runs nationally on the Me-TV network.

The show has provided the Internet with a veritable cornucopia of songs and skits. A quick search on YouTube could mean losing hours of your life. But we're all used to sacrificing hours of our lives to web videos. What else are we gonna do? Be productive citizens?