While the future of Sonic Youth is still unclear, singer Thurston Moore has been keeping himself busy. Along with side projects like recording an album with Yoko Ono, Moore has joined the ranks of Chicago-based black metal outfit Twilight.

Twilight member Blake Judd, who reveals the news in an interview with The 1st Five, has known Moore throughout the years -- but seems to have jumped to conclusions on the fate of Sonic Youth during the interview.

"Now that Sonic Youth’s broken up, and he’s essentially divorced, he’s got plenty of time," Judd states when referring to how Moore got involved with Twilight. "I had Sonic Youth records when I was 12. And to now know that, not only am I having a dialogue with this person about anything, but dude’s gonna join a band I started, and it’s like…whoah. F---ing amazing, amazing feeling."

Judd continues: "Century Media [Twilight's record label] could offer us $100,000 to make that Twilight record and say: 'Blake, you get 90 percent of that money but Thurston Moore's not gonna be on the record, or, you can be on it and we'll give you ten grand and that's what you have to make it work.' And I would take the ten grand and work with Thurston. That's like how much I love Sonic Youth."

The upcoming Twilight album will be their third disc, following 2010's 'Monument to Time End.'

Moore has expressed his love for black metal before. In an interview with Decibel magazine in 2009, the alt-rock icon revealed what made him dig the genre. "I didn't really start listening to black metal until maybe the last 10 years or something," he said. "I was into certain things, like the first Burzum record. I remember buying that in Scandinavia after I'd read about it somewhere. That record was cool because it was so unusual. It had this very displaced kind of quality to it. It was more avant-garde compared to most metal — it was almost alien."

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