As you may already know, Spoon have been teasing the s--- out of their fans with tiny details on their upcoming album, 'They Want My Soul.' They've released song snippets and album trailers (when did trailers for albums become a thing, by the way?) and a strange photo.

Well, they finally gave us an entire song to listen to. The track, 'Rent I Pay,' is a mid-tempo chugger, pushed along by the dense orchestration Spoon is known for, along with the massive, booming drums that producer Dave Fridmann is known for.

Give it a listen:

Fridmann is most well-known for making the Flaming Lips' records sound so loud and impressive. Now he's brought some fresh input to a band that hasn't, until this album, ever worked with an outside producer.

The new album comes out Aug. 5, and those who pre-order it through iTunes, Amazon or the band's web store get a download of 'Rent I Pay' now. The link above plays the song through Spotify, but in case you don't have the program, here's the song with an unofficial video.