Spotify's lead designer says you actually liked the new shade of green in the streaming company's new logo -- you just didn't know it.

Tobias van Schneider wrote in his weekly email newsletter yesterday (as reported by The Next Web): "It’s not so much a discussion of the right or wrong color, it’s simply about change or no change." Back in June, the company switched its logo from a deep, earthy green to a lighter, more pastel shade.

Van Schneider maintains Spotify's error was making the color change without an accompanying announcement, rather than the change itself. "Essentially we see the new Spotify green, we don’t understand why it changed (rightfully so), and we write a quick tweet containing 'The new Spotify green sucks.' All of this happens within minutes and is a pure emotional reaction to change," he wrote.

"The moment we read a tweet that says 'The new Spotify green sucks' we don’t think for ourselves anymore. All we do is read the tweet, agree with it (because f--- yeah) and re-tweet it. Our decision has been made within seconds, the new Spotify green sucks, even though we have literally not thought about it for a minute and it’s not even our own carefully formed opinion."

When Spotify employees, including van Schneider, saw the internet's negative reaction to the color change, they were completely surprised. The color change is part of a broader longterm rebranding, and the shift in shades of green was a change the company expected to cause few reactions.

Next time, van Schneider says, the company will communicate first. "[I'm] 100% confident that clear communication can at least minimize the effect of hypercriticism in the future," he wrote.

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