The music of indie artist Alexi Murdoch is featured in a new Sprint commercial that depicts a baby aging 12 years in just 30 seconds.

The spot uses video taken by a father, who filmed his daughter every week for the first 12 years of her life. The time lapse footage is shown on various Sprint phones, accompanied by the gentle acoustic tones of Murdoch's 'All My Days.'

The song first appeared on the London-born singer-songwriter's 2006 album 'Time Without Consequence,' which has proven to be popular among TV music supervisors. Various songs from the record have appeared in 'The O.C.,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Stargate Universe' and a Nissan commercial.

Murdoch has carved out a successful career despite having turned down a major-label record deal on principle. He said, "I really don’t want people involved in the creative process while I’m recording who really don’t have anything to do with music, whose interest, by necessity, is just pure economics."

In the Sprint ad, he sings, "I have been quietly standing in the shade all of my days / And I've been trying to find what's been in my mind," as viewers watch the progression from cute baby to emerging teenager. The promo emphasizes the quality of video on Sprint devices and ends with a plea to check out the Galaxy S III phone with unlimited data.

Hear Alexi Murdoch's 'All My Days' in the Sprint Time Lapse Girl Commercial

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