Record Store Day, the annual celebration of independent music retailers, will be held on Saturday, April 22. Today, the organizers announced that this year's ambassador will be St. Vincent.

The news was unveiled with the video above, which premiered at Funny or Die. In the sketch, she is meeting with her sweaty and pantsless manager, who informs her of various business opportunities and that she's been named as the new ambassador to a country off the Russian coast called "Recorstorda." Unfamiliar with the nation, she does research and meets with consultants who prepare her for her new job.

Decked out in full military regalia, she heads to the "embassy,' only to discover that she's entered a record store. She picks up her phone to see a text from her manager that reads, "Oh duck, my auto correct ducked up -- you're an ambassador for Record Store DAY. Not my fault so u can't fire me k gotta go."

"It is with deep honor and humility that I accept this ambassadorship," She said in a statement. "Rest assured I do not take my duties lightly." This morning, she tweeted a picture of herself in the same outfit as in the video.

This is the 10th year for Record Store Day, which, in 2010, added a second event for Black Friday. St. Vincent becomes the first woman to serve as the Record Store Day Ambassador. The previous honorees have been Jesse Hughes (who created the position in 2009), Josh Homme, Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy PopDave Grohl, Chuck D, Jack White and Metallica.

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