Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, is working on a new set of emotional songs about "sex and drugs and sadness." Clark is already releasing music from the to-be-named album that is due in the fall. She recently debuted "LA" live, and released "New York" in June.

"The emotional tones are all true," she told the New Yorker for a recent profile, while also arguing against the assumption that all female songwriters' songs are entirely autobiographical. "The songs are the most coherent expression of them. Songs are like prophecies. They can be stronger than you are.”

While writing the album produced by Jack Antonoff — who has worked with Taylor Swift and Lorde — Clark, though in New York, stayed away from her East Village apartment. She abstained from listening to other artist's music and remained celibate, solitary and sober, all in the interest of keeping distractions at bay.

One song on the album is called "Pills." “Pills to grow / Pills to shrink / Pills, pills, pills / And a good stiff drink / Pills to f--- / Pills to eat / Pills, pills, pills / Down the kitchen sink,” are sung by her ex-girlfriend, model Cara Delevingne. “I was trying to hold on,” Clark said. “I didn’t have coping mechanisms for tremendous anxiety and depression. I was trying to get through pharmaceutically.” The final song on the album is about suicide that concludes with the repetition of "It's not the end."

But in the interview she shares that some of her favorite lyrics are from unnamed songs. "Teenage Christian virgins holding out their tongues / Paranoid secretions falling on basement rugs," is one, while “Remember one Christmas I gave you Jim Carroll / Intended it as a cautionary tale / You said you saw yourself inside there / Dog-eared it like a how-to manual" is another.

Clark released her last album, self-titled St. Vincent, in 2014. She is currently on her Fear the Future tour.

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