In a press conference shown live on Facebook, St. Vincent announced that her latest album, Masseduction, will be released on Oct. 13.

She also released the new single, "Los Ageless," which you can listen to above. The song follows "New York," which was released in June, and which just received its own video treatment.

While St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, has previously described the record as being about heavy topics like "sex and drugs and sadness," the lead-up to the announcement has been anything but. She's been teasing it for days, posting short, sarcastic video clips on social media, which in a recent New Yorker profile she referred to has her new media kit.

In the clips, she mocks journalists for the cliches regularly hurled at her, like questions about performing in heels, how she's changed since her last album or whether St. Vincent and Annie Clark are the same person. The videos were written by her friend Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney and Portlandia fame.

But there is also the question of her album cover, which reportedly features neither St. Vincent nor Annie Clark. Shot on the same set as the videos, it shows a woman bending over, donning hot pink tights and a leopard-print thong bodysuit in front of a red background. As she revealed, “This is not my ass. This is my friend Carlotta’s ass. Isn’t it a nice ass?” She's referring to her research assistant, who is also a photographer and model. "But will people assume that it’s my ass?" she continued. "I was thinking of a photo of my face that encapsulates the entire record—but maybe that’s a bit of a fool’s errand.”

In addition, Clark sent out a message on her mailing list about Masseduction in which she likens the album release to wedding planning. "Putting out a record is like having a bridezilla-style* wedding every 2-3 years.  Lots of 'did you get the save the date? it was an email cause, you know, the planet…' and fussing over flower arrangements, except you’re walking down the aisle to your own music by yourself, to your 'self,'" she wrote, before later acknowledging that the whole metaphor is "sexist af." "Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are your label, agents, managers, day managers, personal assistants standing expectant with a mixture of stress, excitement, pride. The fans are the attendees, who will pick sides (this side prefers the old you walking down the aisle, this side is onboard for the new you waiting at the altar, there is definitely one person who will protest the marriage in a drunken, dramatic way…)."

St. Vincent is currently on her Fear the Future tour. Fans who purchased tickets for the tour (except in Boston, Indianapolis and Detroit) will receive a free digital download of the album. They'll also receive an instant download of "New York" and "Los Ageless," ahead of the record release.

You can purchase tickets here, and pre-order the album as a yellow opaque or pink vinyl record or CD here.

Masseduction Track List

1. "Hang on Me"
2. "Pills"
3. "Masseduction"
4. "Sugarboy"
5. "Los Ageless"
6. "Happy Birthday, Johnny"
7. "Savior"
8. "New York"
9. "Fear the Future"
10. "Young Lover"
11. "Dancing With a Ghost"
12. "Slow Disco"
13. "Smoking Section"

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