Former Pavement singer and current Jicks leader Stephen Malkmus seems to have had a blank space where the lyrics to a song were supposed to be.

Well, either he was reading the lyrics to Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" off of his phone, or he just really loves texting. Regardless, Malkmus' Tay Tay cover is pretty sweet, especially considering why he covered it -- check out the performance in the video above.

The band performed in Portland's Crystal Ballroom in front of an audience of mostly children. The performance was part of the Portland-based show You Who, a monthly music and variety party that features live acts performing for the young ones.

You Who is partnered with MyMusicRx, an offshoot of the Children's Cancer Association, that brings music to sick children with bedside performances, exclusive web content and a social network that allows sick children to connect with one another.

According to the description, we can thank Malkmus' daughter for this video of him singing a T-Swizzle song, though in an interview with Billboard, Malkmus dropped Swift's name as an influence on "Lariat" from the Jicks' 2014 album, Wig Out at Jagbags.

"I was trying to write something that Taylor Swift would write, or maybe even more Katy Perry," Malkmus said. "I was thinking in wide ways."

This video might help fans get over the news that a Pavement reunion just isn't going to happen, at least not any time soon. That came from the mouth of former Pavement member Bob Nastanovich in an interview with Kreative Kontrol. When asked about an attempt to get Pavement back together, Nastanovich said he'd tried, but it was "a failed attempt."


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