The Strokes have released a rare video, as they take a mystery-filled run through "Threat of Joy" from Future Present Past. This new EP represents the first Strokes music in three years; they haven't appeared in a promo clip in some five years.

This new video, which you can stream through the above embed, was directed by long-time collaborator Warren Fu, who's also worked with Weezer, HAIM and Daft Punk, among others.

The four-song Future Present Past features two other original tracks, as well as a remix of "Oblivius" – which was released back in May – by drummer Fab Moretti. The Strokes earlier issued a lyric video for "Drag Queen," but bogged down trying to make a full-band promo for "Oblivius."

It "had all this political content," frontman Julian Casablancas has said of the aborted "Oblivius" shoot, "and through different indirect corridors, it got shut down." You'll find a reference to that situation at the beginning of the above clip for "Threat of Joy."

The Strokes' most recent album was 2013's Comedown Machine. Casablancas released a separate project called Tyranny with the Voidz a year later. He returns to a musical landscape more saturated than ever with social media-driven instantaneous commentary – though Casablancas says the band isn't guided by that.

"It's changed everything," he admitted. "It's a cliche to say, but obvious I suppose ... You see the reaction, you get feedback pretty quick, whether you like it or not. I don’t really check to see what people are saying."

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