During Saturday's mad rush on Record Store Day to pick up every single piece of vinyl made exclusively for the occasion, you may have missed the cool split single between Circa Survive and Sunny Day Real Estate.

The cause for celebration? Sunny D's first new song in 14 years.

But don't get too excited. It's not a brand new song by the beloved cult band. 'Lipton Witch,' which you can hear above, actually comes from an aborted album the trio was working on during a reunion tour in 2009.

Still, it's the first bit of new music by the band -- which gave Dave Grohl two members of the Foo Fighters -- since 2000's 'The Rising Tide' album. And it's pretty good.

Circa Survive's Brendan Ekstrom was responsible for getting the song released. "I went to see a few of the Sunny Day Real Estate shows when they toured in 2009, and I knew they’d written and recorded at least one song during that time," he said, adding that e-mailed frontman Jeremy Enigk, "asking if they had anything planned with the track. I knew they were on a hiatus and I hated the idea of that song never being released."

Here's another new song the band wrote right before the reunion tour but never got around to officially releasing it: