Super Bowl XLVIII is a couple of weeks away, and in the spirit of good football fun, Sean Cannon of WFPK's 'After Dark' has gathered together comedians, musicians -- among them My Morning Jacket's Jim James -- and a famous feline to cover the infamous 1985 'The Super Bowl Shuffle.' Listen now on Soundcloud.

"'You know what people want? They want a version of ‘The Super Bowl Shuffle’ for a new generation!'" Cannon told Pitchfork. "At that point, I put word out to a couple of Hollywood exec and record label folks to see what I could get. After turning down 254 actors, musicians and miscellaneous celebrity types, I settled on the perfect 10 people and one cat."

Who joins James in that perfect 10? The lineup includes Les Savy Fav's Tim Harrington; 'The Best Show''s Tom Scharpling, Man Man's Honus Honus, the Long Winters' John Roderick, wrestler/podcaster Colt Cabana and comedians David Wain, Scott Aukerman, Kyle Kinane, and Dave Hill. Lil Bub, of Internet fame, also joins the crew. And if you didn't know that the My Morning Jacket frontman was an ace on the sax, listen and be amazed.

The updated version is just as entertaining as the rapping Chicago Bears cut of yore, and is available exclusively via BandCamp. All proceeds from the song will go to Reading is Fundamental.