In an amazingly awesome video, Superman straps a GoPro camera to his head and embarks on some legendary feats of heroism. And it's the closest any of us will ever get to being the Man of Steel.

Apparently, all you need are some creative minds, a decent film editor, a quadcopter and a GoPro camera to give viewers a taste of what it's like to be Superman. As 'Hero' by Pegboard Nerds blares in the background, the superhero takes off into the sky and performs the usual acts of heroism that only the last son of Krypton is capable of.

Keep an eye out for Kal-El stopping criminals, saving a beautiful woman from an exploding building, hitting supersonic speeds in the skies of Metropolis (it's actually Los Angeles) and eventually returning the camera that he took for an adventurous spin.

Even if you know that Supe's arms were green-screened into the video, a big question remains: How did these filmmakers record such breathtaking aerial footage? The answer comes at the very end, in a link to 'Superman With a GoPro''s behind-the-scenes video, which reveals that the awesome aerial shots were done with a quadcopter. In particular, the filmmakers used a DJI Phantom 2, which are specifically made to be used with a GoPro. (If you look closely at the 28-second mark of the original video, you can see its blades spinning in the upper corners of the screen.)

It may be pricey, but the Phantom 2 features stabilizers, gyro-balancing in case of wind, stable flight movement and GPS tracking. Plus, it can be switched to autopilot to land at its original liftoff point in case of a dying battery. Because of the quadcopter's insane range (1,000-plus feet in all directions!), the company behind the video, CorridorDigital, was able to take steady footage and speed it up to make it look like Superman was traveling at crazy speeds.

All they needed to do was green-screen a few scenes with Superman's arms, which carry a damsel in distress (who happens to look like 'Man of Steel''s Lois Lane, Amy Adams) and deflect speeding bullets. We totally have Superman envy right now.

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