When he isn't saving the world from arrogant bald guys with world-domination issues and bumping into s--- at the Daily Planet, apparently Superman/Clark Kent uses his superpowers to spy on little boys.

In this early '50s commercial for Frosted Flakes, the Man of Steel, in his bumbling newspaper reporter alias, is strolling down the street munching a box of cereal (without milk! Is he stoned or something?) when he happens upon a couple of boys hanging out in a tent.

Having X-ray vision and all, Clark Kent targets his potentially humankind-saving gift on two kids hanging out in a tent on the front lawn in the middle of the day talking about how many boxes of Frosted Flakes they've stored up.

The vintage commercial features George Reeves, who starred in 'Adventures of Superman' during its six-year run in the '50s. Oddly enough, Superman doesn't make an appearance in this minute-long commercial. But Tony the Tiger does.

And so does Clark Kent, a big-city reporter who has nothing better to do during the day than to walk down suburban streets with a box of cereal in hand, hoping to catch a few stolen glimpses of boys hiding out in tents who like to compare how much cereal they have at home.