Explosions In the Sky

Explosions in the Sky, ‘Postcard From 1952′ – New Video
Explosions in the Sky create a series of visual 'Postcard From 1952' in their latest music video, a cinematic clip that captures the simplicity of life from that era. Just as the band's lengthy rock instrumentals unfold gradually, the video uses super-slow-motion clips to slowly reveal a number of basic stories.
Explosions in the Sky Announce Summer 2012 Tour
Not everyone can make it to Southern California every spring for the Coachella festival, but those who did last month had the opportunity to see not one but two mesmerizing sets by Explosions in the Sky. Depending on where you live, it won’t require nearly as much travel time or mileage next month to check out the instrumental Texas band, which has booked nine more shows for June.
Explosions in the Sky’s Second Coachella 2012 Set Brings Stargazers to Twitter
A night at Coachella is often about difficult choices, and Friday night (April 20) at this year's festival provided an especially challenging one: the Black Keys, Explosions in the Sky, Atari Teenage Riot or M83. While all these band's schedules don't totally overlap, you must remember that the Coachella grounds are huge, and getting from one stage to another is not a quick journey. Coachella is n
Watch Explosions in the Sky Transcend Coachella 2012
Explosions in the Sky are known for their cathartic, all-instrumental guitar orchestras. They make the kind of music that could soundtrack slow-moving projections of atoms spicing, elk running, UFOs streaking across the night sky, streams flowing into rivers flowing into lakes flowing into oceans. They are all about beats and bliss, tension and release. Dynamics. Propulsion. Invention. Creation. E