Flaming Lips

Born of a noisy punk ethos, the Flaming Lips' evolution from art-rock space cadets is the product of three decades of sonic experimentation. After straying from the blustery garage-steeped cacophony of their early independent releases, the Lips have spent the better part of their modern years toying with the crux of performance pop artistry and theatrical kitsch. While 1993’s ‘She Don’t Use Jelly’ is their only song to get much airplay, the band has continued to carve out a niche for eccentricity among the lush orchestration of acclaimed albums like ‘The Soft Bulletin’ and ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.’ Over the years, their neo-psychedelia has earned them three Grammys, but it's their notorious antics both onstage and off -- blood-infused vinyl, robot-inspired musicals and live spectacles that include riding around audiences in life-size bubbles and lots and lots of glitter – that has amassed a loyal following.

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