Florence + the Machine

London-born Florence Welch boasts a mesmerizing powerhouse of a voice that blurs genre lines between soul, baroque pop and beyond — and it’s the latter point, the otherworldly nature of her voice, that helped make her band Florence + the Machine’s 2009 debut ‘Lungs’ an international hit. Specifically, her breakthrough single, ‘Dog Days Are Over,’ was a favorite among critics that also received plenty of radio play. Propelled by that critical claim, the fiery-haired British singer — backed by a rotating lineup of musicians — kept up that momentum with her follow-up, ‘Ceremonials.’ Building upon the celestial-like sound of ‘Lungs,’ the 2011 album fit neatly within the singer-songwriter’s catalog. Its lead track, ‘Shake It Out’ rivaled ‘Dog Days Are Over’ in popularity, earning Florence + the Machine a Grammy for Best Pop/Duo Performance, while the album was also nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album.

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