The feud between emo icons Brand New and Taking Back Sunday has been a topic of conversation among the scene since the formation of both bands. They've lashed out at each other during interviews over the years, but regardless, they had an undeniable early history together that cannot be forgotten.

Now, after Nolan posted to Twitter that he was going to "hide" some old high school memories, the guitarist has posted some ancient demos that he did with Lacey way back when. The Taking Back Sunday fans found it in less than an hour, with Nolan surprised, posting "man, you guys found that quick! I'm sure now that you hear it, it's clear this isn't worth $250."

The demos feature both artists on vocals as well as some guest female vocals by Nolan's girlfriend at the time. He recently achieved his PledgeMusic goal and has started the process of releasing a brand new solo record due out later this year. Brand New recently unleashed their first new song in six years.

Check out the demos below: