In a new conversation with NME, Tame Impala's Kevin Parker talked about how he and the rest of the band are, in light of their upcoming album Currents, "experiencing the world in a different way" and "realizing that we shouldn’t feel guilty for liking types of music that we used to take the piss out of before." The comments come in light of their new album that combines disparate influences that had not been seen before in Tame Impala's music, like '80s pop keyboard sounds.

He went on to say:

I used to shut out the [pop music] side of things because I considered my identity to be more understated, but I realize now that that side of things can also bring out good art. Really, before now I was boxing myself in.

There are always different parts of you can choose to let shine. Now I feel open to trying new things in music that I otherwise would have shut out because they were taboo.

Currents was made available for streaming a few days ago, and will be released on July 17 via Modular.