Tame Impala's new 'Mind Mischief' video starts out in the the grand tradition of classics like Van Halen's 'Hot for Teacher' and the Police's 'Don't Stand So Close to Me': It features a young student in the time-honored roll of lusting after a teacher. But when the prep-school pupil follows his hottie instructor out to her car and the two share a smoke of some wacky tobaccy, things quickly switch over from sexy to psychedelic, as an animated world takes over.

It's not among the more innovative clips made in recent memory, but that didn't stop someone from putting together a short behind-the-scenes documentary with director David Wilson, who explains how the song's memorable opening bass line inspired him to create an equally memorable scene in the video. 'Mind Mischief' is the latest single off the Aussie band's 'Lonerism' album, which dropped last year.