Who doesn't love Target? Visit the store with the Big Red Bullseye, and you can get everything you need, from groceries to bath towels to Halloween ephemera to limited edition, mass market, high-low fashion collaborations between the store and lux name-brand designers. In the new 'Tailored: Target Style Fall 2013 Trend' commercial, which is all of 16 seconds, models strut down the runway in sophisticated outfits, marching to the beat of the song 'Pussyfooter (Ju. Do. Remix)' by Brit electropop act Coco Electrik.

The song, which dates back to 2007 and appears on the bonus version of 'Army Behind the Sun,' has a bubbling energy that makes it ripe for the runway. The gorgeous clotheshorses featured in the 2013 Target Fall Style commercial smile as they work the room, because they look good and feel good, and the commercial requires a song that sounds good to the ears.

It's a happy track and the lyric "I'm watching you / You're knocking me out tonight" certainly falls in line with the notion of dressing well. People want to look good when they go out, and they want to turn heads with their ensembles. That's why the bouyant 'Pussyfooter' is perfect for the commercial. Target has asserted itself as a retailer where patrons can nab stylish and fashion-forward pieces (in addition to alarm clocks, et al., course), and all the elements of this commercial work in concert to portray the notion of Target as a destination for the fashion-inclined.

It's worth nothing that Target does not pipe music into its brick-and-mortar stores. It's a quiet and pleasant shopping experience, with no music blaring out of the speakers.