In a video titled 'A Demonstration of the Fine Art of Sabrage,' the Decemberists wished their fans a happy new year in a somewhat bizarre manner.

Perhaps a bit antiquated, the video -- fittingly shot in old-school sepia tones -- captures frontman Colin Meloy attempting (multiple times) to saber off the top of a bottle of champagne. After a few failed attempts, Meloy takes a short pause to watch a YouTube how-to video before returning to the task at hand.

Finally, the singer-songwriter successfully opens the champagne bottle only to apprehensively say, "I don’t think I’ll drink it." Pick up a sweet new skill by watching the video above.

The Decemberists certainly have a lot to celebrate; 2015 will mark the release of their seventh album, ‘What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World,’ later this month.

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