The Dirty Projectors are gifted with one of the most unique sounds in expanse of indie-dom, an aesthetic that's distilled in 'Dance for You,' the second track released from their upcoming sixth studio album 'Swing Lo Magellan.'

With a crisp guitar in the right ear and handclaps in the left, frontman Dave Longstreth wanders about all existential-cute, wondering aloud in the chorus that "There's an answer, I haven't found it, but I'll keep dancing until I do." The tune offers the crestfallen, hopeful, and longing lyric, "I bogeyed down gargoyled streets searching for something I can believe / I want to feel the breath of a force I cannot explain." While a musical success, Longstreth's still got those troubadour blues.

Halfway through, his musings give way to an upsurge of synth and a plaintive guitar solo, after which his vocals return, assisted by strings in the outro, showcasing that gentle Dirty Projectors sound.

Of note is the lack Angel Deradoorian's gorgeous voice, as she's taken off time from the band for the new record. 'Swing Low Magellan" is just two weeks away, released on July 10 in the US and July 9 in the rest of the world. Tide yourself over until then by watching the video for 'Gun Has No Trigger' and listening to two new tracks from their set of KEXP.

Listen to the Dirty Projectors' 'Dance For You'