Eight years out from their reunion and nearly 20 since their final album, the Jesus and Mary Chain have revealed they’re working on a long-awaited follow-up.

In an interview with Time Out New York, Jim Reid discussed the 30th anniversary of the Scottish outfit’s debut, Psychocandy, their time on Creation Records and the Reid brothers’ storied on and offstage blowups. Reid also confirmed the band is working on a new album.

“We actually just started recording,” Reid said. “It’s early days, but I would say it’s a more mature sound for the Mary Chain. But let’s just wait and see.”

This isn’t the first talk of a new Jesus and Mary Chain album. Back in February, Reid told NME they had tossed around the idea since reuniting in 2007.

“We’ve got the material, we’ve talked about doing an album for so long now,” he said. “We thought, ‘We’ve got a bunch of songs, this would make a pretty good Mary Chain album’ -- and then there was the usual slaps and scratches between my brother and myself.”

“There will be an album -- we will get it together," he added at the time. "I’m more convinced now than I ever have been that there will be a new Mary Chain album.”

The Jesus and Mary Chain released their last album, Munki, in 1998 before officially splitting up the following year.

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