The Killers have scored quite a coup for the video to the latest single off 'Battle Born,' snagging Hollywood director Tim Burton to helm their 'Here With Me' clip, which stars actress Winona Ryder and actor Craig Roberts ('Submarine'). The project is a bit of a reunion for Ryder and Burton, who are, of course, linked via the films 'Beetlejuice' and 'Edward Scissorhands.'

Roberts plays a man who is so obsessed with Ryder (playing herself) that he steals a life-like mannequin of the actress and proceeds to romance it -- taking it to the beach, for a walk on the boardwalk and ballroom dancing -- before the big, surreal and oh-so-very Burton-esque twist at the end. It's a bit like that bizarre Ryan Gosling flick 'Lars and the Real Girl,' if it had been directed by Burton and the Killers made a cameo appearance performing live.