"Maybe I was naughty once but now I’m nice," the Killers' Brandon Flowers sings in 'I Feel It In My Bones,' the seventh in a string of annual holiday tunes from the Vegas rockers. But despite Flowers' change in temperament, the vengeful Santa in the tune's just-released video "has it all figured out." The Killers are definitely still on his naughty list, and after loading up on weapons -- nunchucks, a grenade, candy-cane tipped samurai swords -- he hits the road to track them down, riding a Harley like some sort of Bad Santa the Bounty Hunter.

Claus is played by Halloween Town frontman Ryan Pardey, who also contributed guest vocals to the tune, and he brings a certain psychopathic charm to the role. After all, nothing says Christmastime quite like a jolly mad man on a hog trying to kill the Killers. Happy holidays, indeed.