The Killers have been revealing bits of information about their forthcoming album 'Battle Born' in piecemeal fashion. The Las Vegas-based band continued that pace by unveiling the cover image for 'Runaways,' the first single from the album.

The artwork has landed like a bolt of lightning. No, seriously. The cover boasts a lightning bolt, with mountains in the background. It's a reprise (of sorts) for the bolt, since it was featured in the album trailer, which you can watch here.

It's a stark image, especially since the bolt looks like it's being propped up by some sort of hinges and as though it could have fallen off the marquee at any of the casinos that populate the band's hometown. It's surrounded by their name and the song title, and that's about it.

'Battle Born' is the Brandon Flowers-fronted band's fourth album -- their first since 2008's 'Day and Age' -- and 'Runaways' will be the debut taste of the album when it drops on July 10. While Flowers released a solo album, 'Flamingo,' it's been quite some time since the Killers have rocked our worlds. It's the right time for a comeback.