Any artist who achieves recognition risks being remembered for one specific work more than anything else they create. Los Angeles power-pop icons the Knack represent the textbook case of a band that scored such a massive hit with one song -- 1979's "My Sharona" -- that it ensured the band would be recognized for generations to come.

A simultaneous blessing and curse, though, household-name status also means that the rest of the Knack's material isn't nearly as well known. Which also means that the band's entire catalog is sitting there just waiting to be explored by intrepid listeners.

The door is opening once more on that catalog as Omnivore Recordings gets set to reissue the final three titles of the Knack's career, starting on May 19 with 1998's Zoom, which features none other than Frank Zappa/Missing Persons alum Terry Bozzio on drums. The reissue now features a previously-unreleased version of "My Sharona" with Bozzio on drums, but of course the album contains numerous other reasons to attract followers and newcomers alike.

The band's final studio album, 2001's Normal as the Next Guy is reissued on June 9, while the band's swansong, 2001's Live From the Rock 'n Roll Fun House, is reissued on July 14. All three titles expand on the original tracklists with bonus material.

You can watch a trailer for the reissues below -- and make sure to grab all the details on each release here:

The Knack disbanded for the fourth and final time in 2010, when frontman Doug Fieger passed away after battling lung cancer.

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